6 Fast and easy ways to curl your hair within minutes

The easiest way to enhance your look is shiny and voluminous curls. If you are not blessed with the natural curls you can use some exciting ways to create the perfect curls. Here are some of the time efficient tips that will help you to create the best looks.

Sock Bun in 4 minutes

In case you are scared of the damage done to hair because of the heating tool it is the perfect tip for you. Use a sock bun and give your hair some loose curls. Then use the curling rod to finalize the look and make the curls permanent.

The pony tail trick in 5 minutes

One of the best and easiest way of curling the hair is the ponytail trick. It is for all the girls that do not have any time and want to attend the party looking their best. Simply put up your hair into a pony tail. Now divide your hair into 3 to 4 sections and you can quickly curl them. Let the curls cool down and apply hairspray. Let your hair loose and flaunt your new hairstyle.

Big sections, small curling iron in 5 minutes

We all know that for different types of curls you will need different barrel sizes. However, having a small curling iron and large sections of hair you can create some of the best looks. You can curl the ringlets of your hair or make them look more like waves. You can now achieve the loose within 5 minutes with the help of a small rod. Roll the hair in hair in large sections but assure that heat will be evenly distributed.

Flexible rollers in 7 minutes

If you want bouncy curls you can always do it before you go to sleep. Create loose curls using a curling iron. Then take the rollers and roll the curled strands of your hair and tie properly. When you wake up you will have the perfect curls and they will last longer.

Sections in 8 minutes

Celebrities always have the perfect loose curls that every girl desires. Here is how to create them.

  • Separate your hair into top and bottom sections

  • Take separate sections of your hair and curl them properly

  • Assure that every inch of your hair has been properly curled for the best effects

Alternate directions in 10 minutes

If you want the beach waves style you can easily create it by curling your hair in alternate directions. Curl some sections of your hair towards your face and the rest of the sections away from your face to create the perfect look. It will give your hair a natural look in limited time.


Select the style that suits your face and your schedule the most. Use only best hair curlers you can find out here. You will always leave your house with the best hairstyle. In case you have short hair, you can still use the curling rod to create some loose curls on the tips of your hair for a cool and chic look.